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Last Update 11/6/19
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A Search for what God is Doing

Growing up in a Christian family, I was raised under the influence of the Bible and received the Lord at a young age. During the summer after graduating from high school, the Lord began to draw me in a more definite way, and I began to desire to serve the Lord. As a result, I enrolled in Bible college and began to study for the ministry. By my senior year I began to seek the Lord concerning what I would do after graduation. I had a growing conviction that the prevailing situation among denominational Christianity was not what the Lord was after, and a prayer was rising up in me to know what the Lord was doing in this age. I felt that there must be something He was doing, and I wanted to be a part of it.

As I sought the Lord in this way, I had a growing conviction concerning two matters. The first was the oneness of the believers; the second was the church. I knew that the Lord was not happy that His Body is divided in so many ways. I also felt that the Lord had to gain the proper practice of the church before He could return. However, I had no idea how that would happen. During this time of searching I had the opportunity to get involved as a counselor for a youth crusade in Lebanon, Oregon, the small town where I grew up. Believers from many different denominations came together for the purpose of preaching the gospel to the youth of the city. While in one of the meetings, I looked around the gathering and had a strong inner feeling that seemed to speak, This is the church in Lebanon. I also felt that it was such a shame that at the end of this time all these believers would go back to their own places.

Shortly after this I was brought in contact with a group of believers in Roseburg, a lumber town in Southern Oregon, meeting simply as the church in Roseburg. They had set aside all the divisive names and were meeting in a simple way, receiving all the believers. Moreover, I learned that believers in many other cities were meeting in the same way. I was given a book entitled The Practical Expression of the Church by Witness Lee which laid out in a clear way from the Scriptures the proper ground for meeting and maintaining the oneness of the Body. I knew that I had found the answer to my prayers and the very thing that is on Gods heart.


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