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Last Update 11/6/19
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The Word Opened

While studying in Bible college for the ministry, I began to develop a hunger for the truth that was not satisfied through my classes. So even though many of my classes required substantial outside reading, I still found time to read other books by Christian writers. I was attracted to some authors in particular, mainly though they just fed my intellect, but did not go deeper.

Then a classmate introduced me to the writings of Watchman Nee. As I read The Release of the Spirit, I had the feeling I was reading something on a different level from anything I had read before. What was there was reaching beyond my intellect and touching the deepest part of my being. Later I was introduced to the writings of Witness Lee. I recognized in these writings the same quality.

As I began to dive into these writings, I began to get more than knowledgeI received revelation, enlightenment. Much of the Bible that I had read during my Bible college studies began to become alive! Not only so, but for the first time I saw the whole Bible coming together as one great themethe fulfilling of Gods eternal purpose. I came to realize that God has a great purpose for man. It is much higher than going to heaven. It is for man to be filled with God Himself and corporately become the enlarged expression of God. The more I got into the ministry of these two dear brothers, the more I saw this great theme running through the entire Word of God! Because of their writings, the Bible has become an open book to me!


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