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Last Update 11/6/19
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An Entrance into Gods Plan

Born into a loving Christian family, I learned to appreciate the Bible and Gods salvation in Christ from a young age. I wanted to be saved, know the Bible and serve the Lord for the remainder of my life. However, it seemed that the Bible was a wonderful story that I could read about but not actually enter into. I became a Christian explorer trying different means to satisfy the inner spiritual seeking. I didnt want the Lord Jesus to be only a revered historical figure but the present reality in my human life.

Toward the end of high school, a friend of mine came into contact with some believers in Christ from the local church in Los Angeles. He began to be impressed with their biblical church practice and invited me to come and see. I first came to a ministry meeting in which a Life-study of Genesis was being presented. Chapter after chapter, verse after verse, the Bible was being opened to me as never before. The light from the Scriptures flooded into my being. I gradually saw from Gods Word, with the helpful teaching from Witness Lees ministry, Gods purpose in this universe, that is, that God would make Christ everything to us in our living and that we, being filled with Christ, might become His Body and Bride, to be Gods dwelling place for eternity.

This vision was not only a wonderful picture to be admired but a home with an opened door to be entered. I was helped by some loving believers to really experience the Lord in my spiritas 2 Tim. 4:22 says, the Lord be with your spirit. I found that by simply calling on the Lord, He became real and living in me. I wanted to be with other believers who enjoyed Him in such a living and practical way. I found with these believers in the local church in Los Angeles a way to be a part of Gods eternal plan.

Now, some 25 years later this experience continues to be my present enjoymentholding fast Christ, the Head, to grow with Him into His Body.


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