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Last Update 11/6/19
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These are they who follow the Lamb wherever He may go. Rev. 14:4

When I was twelve years old, I was dynamically saved along with my family. From that day on I started to seek the Lord and His truth. As I read through the Bible, I found out more about the Lord Whom I loved, but I needed someone to share more of the truth to me. Through many years of seeking I became very dissatisfied. What little did I see in the Word, I did not see at all around me. It seemed that no priest or pastor could answer my questions: Who are they that follow the Lamb wherever He may go? Where is He going? Why is He going? Can I be one of them who follow the Lamb?

For ten years I went from group to group, seeking and searching, but to no avail. Some groups started out very good, but eventually they fell into being a social group, losing their focus on the Lord. I became very discouraged and eventually disheartened. I decided to pursue fame and fortune.

Then in 1986, I realized that I was still empty deep inside. Thats when I cried out to the Lord: Lord, I dont want to serve money anymore. Lord, save me! I want to serve only You, the way You want me to serve You in the place where You want me to be! The Lord showed me that I needed to go home to live with my parents. My parents had just started meeting with the local church. I remember sitting in my first meeting and the truth was being opened up to me. The believers there were reading from the book The Experience of Life by Witness Lee. I continued to pray to the Lord, Lord, is this the place You want me to be? If so, Lord, I want to serve You here, in the place that You have chosen for me!

Then there was an opportunity for young people who had finished their degrees to go to Taiwan to preach the gospel. As I prayed to the Lord concerning this matter, I became clear that this was where the Lord was leading me to go.

In Taiwan, I met Witness Lee. He opened up Gods Word to me and for the first time since I was saved, all my questions were answered. Through Witness Lee, I found out that I have a human spirit and it is by my human spirit I can follow the Lamb wherever He may go. I also found out that in order to follow Him, I need to deny myself, pick up my cross and follow Him (Matthew 16:24). I was so happy. Gods Word became so living and operative in me (Hebrews 4:12).

It has been twelve years since Taiwan. Both my husband and I have been enjoying Watchman Nee and Witness Lees ministry. We enjoy that the Word has been opened up to us and that we can know the Lamb wherever He may go (Revelation 14:4). We love the Lord much more today and are still endeavoring to follow Him wherever He may lead: in our marriage, in our home life, and in our church life.


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