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Last Update 11/6/19
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The Truth

The Truth. This is what brought me into Gods purpose.

I was raised in a denomination but began to question the meaning of my life and where to find the answers to those deep questions that we all have. When I went away to college, I went with friends to their various denominations. In each place I found some light, but I also found a flavor of personal preference for particular practices, particular speakers, or a particular social group. I did not understand why we all had to be divided by these things. These various denominations seemed to be driven by human preference rather than a yearning for the presence of truth in ones daily life and living.

As I raised my family, I still sought for something morea group of believers who met on the ground of oneness and the foundation of Jesus Christ. One day, by the Lords mercy and sovereignty, I found a group of believers who came together solely on the basis of truthno matter what the cost. They were seeking to recover the practice of the church as found in the book of Acts, the body of Christ, the same church that began with Paul and the apostles. At last, I was home!! And to this day, some twenty-plus years later, I can truthfully say, I am so happy in this lovely place, the local church. (Hymns, #1237)


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