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Last Update 11/6/19
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My Hunger and Thirst is being Satisfied

Im so hungry; Im so thirsty. I didnt know any other way to describe the longing in my being for something real of the Lord. After being saved at the age of ten, the Lord Jesus put a hunger within me for Himself, His word and a desire to be with others who loved Him. This was the beginning of my search.

I was very active in church. I went to all the meetings and participated as much as I could; but still there was a hunger for something more. I thought that I could find what I was looking for in another denomination. So one by one I went from place to place, but never found what would satisfy my hunger and thirst.

Then after graduating from college, I prayed a simple prayer to the Lord to show me where I should go. Two weeks later I received an invitation to a Christian conference in Atlanta, Georgia. What I found there was the answer to my prayers. These Christians had come from all different denominations and from all different backgrounds. There were young, old, middle-aged, families and single people. All were hungry for the Lord, all were loving Him and wanting something more. It was here in the local church that I found the oneness and supply of life I had so longed for. Through the sharing of Witness Lee, the Word of God was opened up and became living and real. For so long the Word was a matter of doctrine, right and wrong, dos and donts. I had been so concerned for being doctrinally correct. But now, through Witness Lees ministry, the Word not only showed me to be doctrinally correct but had also become food and drink to me. What a feast!

Now I have been enjoying Witness Lees ministry for over 25 years. The light and life revealed in the Word through him has never ceased to feed, refresh, convict, instruct, and comfort me. This ministry continues to encourage me to pursue our wonderful Lord Jesus, to love Him more, to care for the building up of His Body and to long for His return. I will be eternally grateful to the Lord for His servant Witness Lee and the rich supply of life and light, truth and grace opened up to His Body through his ministry. My hunger and thirst is being satisfied.


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