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Last Update 11/6/19
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The Practice of the Body of Christ

I am fifty-five years old. I was raised in New York City. Even though I went to parochial schools, I cant remember seeing a Bible until I was 19 years old; at that time I began to read the Bible but had no understanding.

In 1964 I began to attend a Bible study with a small group of Christians. After six months, I prayed to God saying, I want what these people have. One week later the Lord opened my heart to receive Him as my Savior. My hunger for the Word and fellowship was overwhelming. In 1967 I met my future wife after being discharged from the Army. We both attended a fundamental seminary and Christian college. Through those years, we loved the Word and fellowship with other believers. As I was reading a Christian book on John 17, my entire being was gripped with the realization of the oneness of the believers. My constant question was, Where is the oneness in practicality?

Eventually in 1974, we began to read some books by Witness Lee and realized the unveiling of the mystery of Christthe church (Ephesians 3:4-6). In 1975 we moved to Chicago to see, experience, and practice the local church in oneness with all the believers. During the years many veils have been removed through the ministry of Witness Lee.


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