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Last Update 11/6/19
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Opening a New Door

Raised in a Christian home with believing parents, I personally did not have my eyes opened to the gospel until I completed my first year of college when I was eighteen years old. When I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior such a love for Him filled my being. The desire to give my whole life to Him led me to enroll in seminary. During this time at school I met my husband and we were married. After graduation, upon completing five years of study, the Lord brought me to a position on the staff of a Christian college where my husband was studying in his final year before graduation. The Lords loveliness and preciousness caused both of us to seek Him in the Word and in prayer that we might know Him in a more intimate way. We prayed for the Lord to bring us into fellowship with other believers who had the same eagerness to know and love Him.

Our desire for the Lord caused us to build a library of books from many, many authors. Our busy school and work schedule did not permit us to read many of these. However, reading one book entitled, The Normal Christian Life, by Watchman Nee, was like opening a new door in my Christian experience. As I read the writings of this author, my whole being was enlightened and I experienced such enjoyment as I began to realize a deeper experience of the Lord. The enjoyment that filled me was so real. I had never found a writer that conveyed such clearness of understanding and matched such depth of the truth. As I continued to read more of his writings and later the writing of his close co-corker, Witness Lee, I received such help in studying and receiving the preciousness of the Word of God.

As I look back on my 35 years as a believer in Christ, I offer praise and thankfulness to the Lord for these two brothers who gave their lives to know God and His desire as revealed in His Word. But even more I am thankful that these riches were made available to all believers through their writings!


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